Taj Mahalager

Taj Mahalager Lager – Amber / Red 6.3% ABV Description Savor the smooth, malt-forward goodness of our Taj Mahalager Amber Lager, meticulously crafted to effortlessly complement bold, flavorful dishes. With…

Coconut Paradise Sour Omnium

Coconut Paradise Sour Omnium - Omnium Brewing Somersworth nh

Coconut Paradise Sour Omnium Sour – Fruited 7.4% ABV Description Experience a tropical escape with our Coconut Paradise Sour, a tantalizing blend of creamy coconut, juicy pineapple, and a delightful…

Artemis’s Wish

Artemis's Wish - Omnium Brewing Somersworth nh

Artemis’s Wish IPA – New England / Hazy 6.7% ABV Description Indulge in a refreshing NEIPA bursting with tropical essence, where luscious pineapple, zesty citrus, and tangy lemon dance harmoniously,…

Blue Krush​

blue krush

Blue Krush Wheat Beer – American Pale Wheat 5.4% ABV Description A blueberry version of Honey Krush. It has real blueberry puree and some black currant puree to really drive…

Somersworth Pale Lager

Somersworth Pale Lager

Somersworth Pale Lager Lager – Helles 5% ABV Description The Pale Lager is a super clean straw-colored German lager. It’s relatively similar to the macro beers.

Hodr’s Follyy​

Hodr's Follyy

Hodr’s Follyy Porter – Imperial 8.2% ABV Description A silky, smooth porter with chocolate in the fore palate, coffee in the mid, and a hint of vanilla to finish it…

Mangone Sour

Mangone Sour

Mangone Sour Sour – Fruited 7.5% ABV Description Deceptively easy-drinking sour ale at 7.5% ABV. It has actual mangoadded to it with a bit of honey flavor from the malts….

OG Spice City Sour​

OG Spice City Sour

OG Spice City Sour Sour – Other 7.5% ABV Description A collaboration with Pogo’s Peppers featuring The OG hot sauce and then amped up with more jalapenos, habaneros, and pineapples….

Pádraig’s Red Ale​

Pádraig's Red Ale

Pádraig’s Red Ale Red Ale – Irish 4.3% ABV Description A traditional Irish Red with some roasty notes and a touch of caramel.

Chaii Kitli (Nitro)

Chaii Kitli (Nitro)

Chaii Kitli (Nitro) Porter – Imperial 9.4% ABV Description For a bold taste of spiced chai tea. A rich Imperial Porter made withauthentic Chai tea, spiced masala and rose petals….

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