Hodr’s Follyy​

Hodr's Follyy

Hodr’s Follyy Porter – Imperial 8.2% ABV Description A silky, smooth porter with chocolate in the fore palate, coffee in the mid, and a hint of vanilla to finish it…

Pádraig’s Red Ale​

Pádraig's Red Ale

Pádraig’s Red Ale Red Ale – Irish 4.3% ABV Description A traditional Irish Red with some roasty notes and a touch of caramel.

Chaii Kitli (Nitro)

Chaii Kitli (Nitro)

Chaii Kitli (Nitro) Porter – Imperial 9.4% ABV Description For a bold taste of spiced chai tea. A rich Imperial Porter made withauthentic Chai tea, spiced masala and rose petals….

Njord’s Bountyy

Njord's Bountyy

Njord’s Bountyy Stout – Imperial 9.5% ABV Description An Imperial Stout with cold brew coffee added, then conditioned on rum-infused oak

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